Where the world of ideas meets professional development.

What sort of candidates are successful at ISI?

The chief aim of the Intercollegiate Management Fellowship is to grow you personally and equip you professionally. Beyond being well qualified for the position you are applying, you’ll find the most success at ISI by being honest and coachable. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect team members to take ownership over areas of improvement and use not only their own strengths, but the strengths of their colleagues and supervisors to execute team deliverables. If you have a humble desire to work hard and see advancement in yourself as a person as well as a professional, then you will find success at ISI.


What Will You Get out of the IMF?

In addition to salary and benefits, the IMF Program gives you a rich return on investment. Your two-year appointment will provide a fast-paced opportunity to gain experience and develop your talents. You will be challenged with opportunities to flourish into a problem solver, strategic thinker and future leader.
While serving in the IMF, you will receive:

  • Challenging programmatic work assignments
  • Formal interactive colloquia on ideas, leadership, and personal development
  • At least one 4 to 6 month project to manage start-to-finish
  • Planned opportunities to network with recognized leaders in a variety of fields
  • A portfolio of all work accomplished while in the IMF
  • Beautiful workspace situated on a 23 acre estate
  • Great perks including flexible PTO and a casual dress-code
  • Opportunities to travel around the nation
  • Connecting to a large community of liberty-minded students and professors
  • Invaluable experience in the world of ideas


Where Can You Go With This?

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute sits at the cross-roads of academia, non-profit, and the world of ideas, so your experience with ISI prepares you well for graduate school, think tanks, and politics. The Intercollegiate Management Fellowship prioritizes professional development and project-based work experience, so your time at ISI equips you for a variety of work from non-profit to the private sector. Given the institution's sixty-five year history and extensive network, ISI is well-positioned to open doors to your future career pursuits. And of course, many will continue their careers within ISI—moving into development and management roles.