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The Opportunity

The Intercollegiate Management Fellowship marries the world of ideas with professional development. The two-year work fellowship provides a full-time programmatic role at ISI to selected applicants. In these roles, fellows navigate through a three-pillar curriculum comprised of intellectual tradition, leadership, and personal development. The program further takes shape via IMF reading groups, regular colloquia, professional outings, portfolio-building events, and a capstone project.

Available Roles


Program Officer

A Program Officer serves as the face of ISI to two of our most important constituents: students and faculty. As such, your primary focus will be to form and maintain ISI groups at universities and colleges throughout a given region, as well as to facilitate programming both on-campus and at a national level.


  • A wide variety of majors are encouraged to apply
  • Genuine interest in the core principles of ISI
  • Capable of working autonomously
  • High interpersonal skills
  • Well organized


  • Visit college campuses to facilitate and develop ISI chapters within designated region of the U.S.
  • Serve as a support network and liaison between ISI, students and professors
  • Facilitate and attend programming, both on-campus and at a national level
  • Effectively report and communicate regional activities to ISI team

Marketing Associate

Leveraging social media and web analytics — as well as traditional strategies and outlets — the Marketing Associate communicates the What, Why and How of ISI's mission. For a majority of ISI students, you will represent the initial point of contact.


  • Experience with marketing, communications, or related field preferred
  • Creative confidence needed to craft and share fresh, engaging content
  • Exceptional writing ability for marketing materials
  • Strong familiarity with social media platforms
  • Preference given to candidates with Adobe Suite experience


  • Run and supervise all student-facing social media platforms
  • Generate marketing materials using Adobe Suite
  • Write copy that's optimized to ISI goals 

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